11 Photographers Inspired By Space

11 Photographers Inspired By Space

Being that much of of the science and culture surrounding space exploration uses the gathering of photographic images from technology such as the Hubble Space Telescope or the Mars Rover, it is no surprise that many artists find inspiration in the potential of the resulting information. Not only this, but the availability of historical images like NASA’s Apollo Image Gallery have served to ignite the imaginations of many artists over previous decades and continue to do so.

In recent times many photographers have found their artistic vision influenced by such a rich and intriguing source of imagery, appropriating and re-contextualizing the established visual culture with new and poetic meanings.

Here we have gathered 11 projects (in no particular order) by contemporary photographers who have approached the subject in various ways; in some cases there may be a one-off project, but in many others there is a continued interest throughout the photographers’ oeuvre.

Trevor PaglenThe Other Night Sky

Edgar MartinsThe Rehearsal of Space and the Poetic Impossibility to Manage the Infinite

Romaric Tisserand – The Fallen Object

Vincent FournierSpace Project

Barry W HughesN.E.O.P.

Neil DaCostaAstronaut Suicides

Sascha PohfleppThe Greatest Show is Leaving

Mishka HennerAstronomical

Eva StenramPer Pulverem Ad Astra

(See more of Eva’s work in SMBHmag ISSUE 13)

Cristina De Middel – The Afronauts

(Read our review of Cristina’s SPBH Book Club Vol III)

Jordan TateSUPERBLACK/New Work

(See more of Jordan’s work in SMBHmag ISSUE 9)

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