Asger Carlsen: Hester


Asger Carlsen the Danish-born former crime-scene photographer plays with the nature of reality, aiming to dismantle the gullibility of the photographic subject matter and level all notions of truth.

With Hester, he proposes a leveling of the historical ideals in the nude and the ultimate beguiling craftsmanship utilized to achieve this ideal.

If the traditional nude occasionally intends to bare and reveal a final and ideal form through ad hoc stance or sculptural immortality, Asger revises the study of the female form to ultimately reveal the evolving terrain of photography and its standards of aesthetics and morality.

A video interview with Asger Carlsen where he discusses Hester along with other works can be found here.

A selection of Asger Carlsen’s portraits are included in SMBHmag ISSUE11 ‘Picturing You’ here.

Posted by Aoife Giles

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