Brighton MA Photography Show: Déjà Vu

DÉJÀ VU: University of Brighton MA Photography Show

A collection of work by 15 photographic artists goes on show from September
14-21st, 2012 as part of the Photography MA at the University of Brighton.
©Chloe Lelliott

©Chloe Lelliott

The exhibition Déjà Vu showcases emerging and established international talent and multiple award winners of high-profile competitions including the London Photography Festival, 2011 East-West Art Award, 1000 Words European Photography Award, The BookCase Study Publication Award. The catalogue, which will be available both at the exhibition and online at the App store will feature images from each artist and an essay by Joanna Lowry, MA Photography Course Leader. She says:

“The photographers in this exhibition have developed the ability to subtly misrecognise the world in order to reveal it. Whether dealing with the traces of the historical past that shadow the landscapes of the present, the passing figure in the street, an imagined interior, a doll’s face, or a dystopian future, they all recognise that the power of the photograph is in its capacity not for simple mimesis but for the production of that sudden magical moment in which we see through time and in which something new is revealed. If the photograph does provide a double of the world it is a fundamentally unstable one, one which opens up a domain of uncertainty through which we might, just, catch a glimpse of the real. Déjà vu.”

©Heather Shuker

©Heather Shuker


The exhibition includes the final projects from:
Virgilio Ferreira, Kerry Grainger, Laurie Griffiths, Kristin Hoell, Mitch Karunaratne, Chloe Lelliott, Alina Linnas, Takayuki Murakami, Mark Purdom, Holly Oliver, Vanessa Roy, Heather Shuker, David Sterry, Paul Walsh, Kat Williams

University of Brighton
Foyer Gallery
Grand Parade
Preview Evening ; Friday 14th 1700-2000
Exhibition ; Saturday 15th – Friday 21st (Open Daily 10-5. closed Sunday)
More information –

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