Instagram Challenge | 01 | Divide 

“I followed part of a river’s course as the water separates each side of the land.”



Christine Santa Ana (London, UK) is an independent curator with a background in photography. In 2011, she co-founded Underground Gallery, which she ran for two years, curating over twenty five exhibitions and working with many talented artists. From this, she was kindly awarded a scholarship to study a Master’s degree at Middlesex University, where she gained a distinction.

Christine currently produces pop-up exhibitions with photography magazine Of The Afternoon, which take place every three months, throughout cities in the UK and is planning international shows for next year. Outside of this, Christine still shoots personal work and teaches photography.

smbhmag instagram challenge

The SMBHmag Instagram Challenge is when we nominate a photo industry professional, give them a randomly selected theme and they get 10 days to take as many photos as they wish on our Instagram using the hashtag #smbhchallenge. At the end of their time, they edit their photos and we post them as a permanent online exhibition here.