“Throughout history and across cultures, objects have been put together to create charms, minkisi, fetish or power objects. These objects act as a residence, or portal for the spirits of that particular place, so that their powers can cross over from one realm into another.
While walking in the area that surrounds my home in the Sussex Weald, I collected objects that capture something of that place and created these small totems. As I know little of the natural spirits that may have been followed in this area of the world, each totem carries the numerical co-ordinates that are used by modern satnav systems. Each totem resides on the border of electronic and physical; photographic and sculptural.”


Christopher King is a photographer and craftsman living and working in the High Weald of Sussex.
His works are widely collected and in 2008 he was commissioned as the Tower of London’s first Photographer in Residence. He has lectured on photography in England, Spain and Italy, and over the last 12 years he has developed creative education projects for schools and organisations including Kensington Palace, Hampton Court and Holland Park School.

smbhmag instagram challenge

The SMBHmag Instagram Challenge is when we nominate a photo industry professional, give them a randomly selected theme and they get 10 days to take as many photos as they wish on our Instagram using the hashtag #smbhchallenge. At the end of their time, they edit their photos and we post them as a permanent online exhibition here.