“To show opposition, you often find items that share an identity, which contradicts the term.

Day and night oppose, but still reference time. Left and right oppose, but still reference direction. Red and Green oppose, but still reference colour. On and off oppose, but still reference activity. Dead and alive oppose, but still reference life.

Things are opposite, and things are the same.”



David Langham (UK) is a fine art and editorial style photographer. His work often concerns the popular cultural experience, looking at the relationship between humanity and its social, cultural and physical surroundings.

Since graduating from the University of Derby 2014, David has featured in a number of group exhibitions, most notably UK Young Artists, FORMAT and Young Photographers, Austria. David has also worked at FORMAT International Photography Festival 2015, where he published a number of interviews with FORMAT artists and hosted the Photobook Market.

smbhmag instagram challenge

The SMBHmag Instagram Challenge is when we nominate a photo industry professional, give them a randomly selected theme and they get 10 days to take as many photos as they wish on our Instagram using the hashtag #smbhchallenge. At the end of their time, they edit their photos and we post them as a permanent online exhibition here.