Justin Spiers: Life In The Slow Lane

Justin Spiers: Life In The Slow Lane

Australian/New Zealand photographer Justin Spiers shoots animals. Some of these animals are already dead, and performing in a way, through taxidermy, or in captivity such in his Zoo Series. He doesn’t approach his work with Zoo Series as being scientific in a ‘Victorian’ way, to objectively categorize or index the subjects, rather¬†“this series refutes the clarity and objectivity of the scientific eye, instead of a technologically aided observation of nature, the images present a dark and obscured view into the animal enclosures.”





“Our encounters with animals are often mediated through a context of entertainment and leisure. I am interested in the ways that these experiences are fabricated and why. ”

You can find out more about Justin’s work through A Gallery¬†or by checking out the ‘Domesticated’ issue of Timemachine magazine.


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