Pebbles Clements: The Sitters

There isn’t much information on Pebbles Clements‘ website, either about the artist or the projects. We can see from the website, the artist is concentrating on portraiture, very much in the formal, traditional sense.





The work above is from The Sitters, which seems to be split into two, a theme that runs throughout the work itself. From the wet/vaseline faces of the sitters in the first half (those in the grey tops), there is an alternate side with the red-topped sitters who each have two portraits taken. This second half of sitters have a more comfortable look juxtaposed with more shocked expressions that follow.

The Sitters appears to be a simple enough project but this is deceptive, there is something else going on here, on a deeper level. The lack of information adds to this enigma.

All images ©Pebbles Clements

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