Yaniv Waissa: On History’s Dusty Wings

Yaniv Waissa: On History’s Dusty Wings

SMBHmag contributor/exhibitor Yaniv Waissa has recently self-published a book titled Butterflies I Haven’t Seen There. A long time in the making, it is a personal (his)story that combines the very precise nature of his photographic practice with a very poetic sensibility, while tackling what we all know to be a horrific period of time.


My story begins in June 1942, on the day when 21 year old Pavel Friedman wrote a poem called “The Butterfly” in the Theresienstadt ghetto. A line from that poem caught my attention and remained engraved onto my memories:

“… But I haven’t seen a butterfly here”. This line has become an integral part of my journey. Over sixty years later I’ve found myself digging deep into the wound of the Holocaust. I’m exploring my own family’s history and the influence of this major piece in human history on the nation I come from and on all of humanity.


These memories of the Holocaust, exile and uncertainty are the foundations of Israelism but in my work I address a suffering humanity and not only an Israeli- Jewish recollection.


This is my travel diary, as a person hiding behind a camera and picking his wounds and his national and personal history. It is also the journey of an entire generation to find the ability to cope with the trauma that brought us here and a way to create an identity in its’ shadow.


‎Butterflies I haven’t seen There by Yaniv Waissa
Self-published artist book
200 signed and numbered copies
15.2 x 21.6 cm (5.98”x8.5”)
Soft cover, 44 pages, digital print on 170 gsm uncoated paper

Copies can be obtained directly from: waissa.yaniv@gmail.com
Price: €15 (worldwide) or 65 NIS (Israel) including packing and postage.
For payment you can simply log on to Yaniv’s PayPal account using the email address above.


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